Friday, September 4

Daily Discussion #8: Pre-gaming

One game will not make or break your season, especially when you play in one of the six BCS conferences. However, for the Hokies, this game could make or break the program.

Virginia Tech is a shocking 0-24 all time against top 5 opponents when they play away from Lane Stadium. Now of course, most of those games were played a while back when the Hokies were on the verge of becoming a perennial top 25 team.

So as badly as Tech fans want to believe their team is among the elite, they don’t have the evidence to back it up.

But, the good news for Hokie fans is that they can garner the respect and the attention of all the media outlets with a win over the fifth ranked Alabama Crimson Tide tomorrow night.

However, he last time the Hokies played a game of this magnitude, they left Baton Rouge with a 48-7 loss ringing in their ears. But, all of that pain and all of the negative media that has come along with that loss could all be erased with a win against the Tide tomorrow night.

So, you guys have heard my predictions and my analysis so in my mind it’s time to stop analyzing and start playing the game.

If Thursday’s game is any indication of how this game will go, it should be fairly low scoring with the turning point being a big play on either offense or defense. Both are places where the Hokies usually excel.

All you Tech fans in Atlanta, be loud, be proud and show those Alabama fans what being a VT fan is all about.

Have fun and let’s bring a big “W” back to Blacksburg on Sunday.


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