Saturday, October 17

Yellow Jackets Sting Hokies 28-23 in Atlanta

A small night cap here for you guys, not really going to break anything down or go in-depth on anything.  I'll save most of my thoughts for Tuesday and I'll let Daniel give you the game recap when he gets that posted early on this week. 

However, I have to admit that I really saw all of this coming.  The Hokies have struggled with these kind of games in the past and well, most teams struggle with these kinds of games.  It's hard for a top five team to head on the road and walk away with a victory.  It just is.  The home crowd, the home team giving you your best shot, and the fact that most of these games are played under a night sky cause these games to never work out well for the ones ranked in the top five.

The Hokies had plenty of golden opportunities in this game and failed to convert on any of them...especially the one's in the first quarter.  Three straight trips into GT territory resulted in zero points.  That folks, will not win you a football game. 

So just like that, the Hokies left Atlanta for the second time this season, hanging their heads in defeat. 

Even though the national title hopes are gone and the ACC Coastal race is hanging by a thread, Tech still has five games left on their schedule with all five being very winnable games. 

This bye week couldn't come at a better time for the dinged up and now emotionally injured Hokies.  Tech will enjoy their first Saturday off since the last weekend in July, which was almost three months ago now. 

The good news for Tech fans is that if the Hokies can win out and if Georgia Tech finds a way to lose to UVA, Duke, or Wake Forst, your beloved Hokies will make the long journey back down to Tampa with a chance to claim their third straight ACC Championship. 

And for some reason, I feel like that's going to happen.  Maybe I'm psychic (failed to win the Mega Millions this past week so I doubt it)  but I have a good feeling about how the rest of the season is going to go. 

All I know for certain is, I would absolutely hate being UNC next Thursday night. 

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