Friday, December 4

Recruiting Update: Josh Furman Down to Virginia Tech and Michigan

Josh Furman
Old Mill High School
Millersville, Maryland
6'2", 193 lbs, 4.32 seconds
Offers: Michigan, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, Maryland, West Virginia.

Justin's Take:

After watching this team's last 12 games, it's pretty clear we're in need of a few big time linebackers. Furman has the potential to bulk up and play either the WHIP Linebacker position being vacated by Cody Grimm or potentially either a Rover or Free safety.  With his size and speed, there's not many positions that he can't play although having him on the edge would be beneficial for a few reasons.  I personally would love to see him at the WHIP linebacker spot if he does pick Virginia Tech. 

However, at this point I think Josh is going to pick the Wolverines on December 19th, when he announces his decision at the Crab Bowl in Maryland.  For some reason, he just seems to give more glowing reviews to Michigan than he does VT.  Obviously I could be mistaken and with recruiting, you never know but right now, I think he's a Michigan lock.


When asked about Virginia Tech:

"The program has been successful for a long time and they always seem to do well.  Virginia Tech has a really great atmosphere too. I really bonded with the team. The players are a lot like me. We had a good time together. They are all fun and outgoing guys and I felt like they were being totally honest with me. I felt a good connection with them."

When asked about his visit to Michigan earlier in the season:

"I had very good time.  The Big House was loud and action-packed. It is a great place and the crowd was great too. Having a chance to be around the players was nice. They are very outgoing and they were really trying to get to know me. They are the type of guys that are just like me. On our way to the game the streets were flooded with fans everywhere. I have never seen that many fans going to a game before."
 On how his relationship is with Michigan coach Tony Dews:

"I have a great relationship with Tony Dews.  He is my favorite recruiter. I call him up a lot just to say hi. He is my type of coach. Coach Dews is so down to earth that we can talk about anything. We talk about recruiting, but we also talk about life."

On his strengths and weaknesses as a player:

"My strength would definitely be my athleticism.  My weakness at this point is my coverage because in all my years (playing defense) I've only been rushing the quarterback. I just need the repetition. Then I'll get it down."


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