Thursday, June 24

Locker Rooms Closing in on Completion

The new Virginia Tech locker rooms were supposed to be done by August of this year, but it appears that the construction may last into the upcoming season.  However, the building is now under roof and is looking quite amazing if I do say so myself.  Below is an attached picture gallery that shows the progress that has been made over the past 2 years. 

Im a little upset that VT didn't release any rendered sketches like they did with the new Press box back in 2006 but needless to say, the "real" pictures show enough.  The new locker rooms will boast the a players lounge as well as some administrative offices for the football coaching staff.  I doubt this will beat out what Oregon has but this addition to our already top notch football facilities can't hurt things on the recruiting trail either.

At close to 42,000 square feet, this monument to Virginia Tech football will be a beauty when she's finished.

New Virginia Tech Locker Room Picture Gallery

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