Friday, August 7

Daily Discussion # 1: Logan Thomas at QB?

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Alright now that that's out of the way, let's turn out heads to one of the more surprising turn of events that have come from the first two days of preseason practice. Logan Thomas, who was recruited as an Athlete, is going to spend the first 10 days of Fall practice behind center, competing with JuJu Clayton for the backup quarterback spot.

Now the first thought I had was that maybe the coaches wanted to give JuJu somebody to compete with to help push him along in his development. This is probably the case but as I thought about it, It seems like the coaches are going to do their best to prepare for the inevitable, Tyrod getting hurt.

Let's play the if...then game for a second. If Tyrod would go down, say in the Alabama game, who would come in to replace him?

After his Spring Game performance, it seems as if the coaches would probably send JuJu in but put him on a short leash and limit the playbook to help simplify things for him. However, I wouldn't be surprised to see Boone take the majority of snaps from center either.

Of course, Marcus Davis and now Logan Thomas have a quarterback background as well so Tech has a plethora of options, just none of them have much in-game experience.

So back to my original question, should we be surprised that Logan Thomas is starting off his college career behind center. No. The 6'6" phenom needs to be on the field and with Tech being stacked at wide receiver and tight end, it makes sense to put him at the one position where depth is a little thin.

Coach Beamer did mention on Wednesday that Logan will be at Quarterback for the first 10 days, then the coaches would reassess and decide whether or not to move him back to his more natural position, wide receiver. So, this question could be nullified at the end of the 2nd week of practice but until then, this will be an interesting story to follow.

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