Monday, August 24

Daily Discussion # 6: Are You Ready For What Still Comes?


Whether it's deserved or not, the college football world revolves around it.

After the Hokies brought home the Orange Bowl trophy and the ACC's first BCS bowl win since the Seminoles beat us back in 1999, the sun has been a little brighter, grass a little greener, and life has overall just felt better since last January.

For the Hokies, life is good right now. However, there's a little thing called hype that the boys in Chicago maroon and burnt orange are trying to live up to.

Virginia Tech was ranked 7th in the AP poll last week, once again tying a record for the highest preseason ranking in Tech history.

With that honor comes high expectations from fans who watched the toddling-Hokies grow up before their eyes last season; accomplishing the unexpected and unimaginable.

With an Orange Bowl win now in the books, the only way to go is up as Virginia Tech fans are already eying a mid January trip out to the left coast.

However, the biggest question that is probably going through your mind is whether or not this hype is justified.

Many ESPN and college football analysts have stated that they believe the Hokies are overrated and don't deserve a top 10 rankings, especially now that Evans has gone down.

But, with 15 starters returning and plenty of youth filling up the depth chart, the future of Virginia Tech football is bright. The Hokies found their heir-apparent at quarterback after Tyrod leaves, which means Tech may have 5 years where they could challenge for a National Championship.

Not bad for a team that doesn't bring in top level talent according to most recruiting services.

My message for Hokie fans is this, embrace the hype because there will be plenty of it over the next 5 years. We are heading into a special era in Virginia Tech football, one that could possibly change this program forever.

So embrace the hype, I know I will.

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