Wednesday, April 7

Kris Harley Commits to Virginia Tech

I just posted an article on VTF going into further detail (you can read this article Here)

The Hokies landed Warren Central's Kris Harley yesterday.  Harley is a potential 4 star defensive tackle that had offers from USC, Nebraska, Michigan, Oklahoma, and a lot more.

In the past, the Virginia Tech coaches have struggled to find highly touted defensive tackles and if you take the last two classes, the Hokies have landed Nick Acree and now Kris Harley.  Combine that with Derrick Hopkins and the Hokies will have some serious depth at defensive tackle in the future.

The best part of this commitment is the fact that we're keeping the pipeline to Warren Central open and that will pay dividends in the future.  Too bad we couldn't do the same thing at Butler high school in North Carolina.  That school has potentially three top 250 kids this year, including the best quarterback in the nation.

Harley will add immediate depth to the position but I would expect him to come in and redshirt then battle for a spot depending on the amount of attrition.

One of Harley's coaches goes on to discuss why he committed to Virginia Tech. 

"He feels at home there," Warren Central assistant coach Greg Brookey said. "He's visited there three times and really likes his position coach (Charley Wiles). I think he was ready for the recruiting process to be over and knew where he wanted to go."

The Warren Central star led his teams defense to a class 5A Championship last fall, beating Carmel High 42-36 in double overtime.

"He's the most explosive defensive player I've ever coached," Hart said of Harley, who had 91 tackles as a junior, 19 for loss, and five sacks.

Although Kris has another 15 months before he enrolls at Virginia Tech, I'm excited about this commitment just because it shows how much the Hokies have evolved in recruiting over the past five seasons.  5 years ago we would have not been able to land this kid for a few different reasons but thanks to some consecutive 10 wins seasons and some national hype, we were able to land Harley.

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