Monday, April 12

Virginia Tech Spring Preview: A Look At The Offense

I'll provide a quick link over to all of my VTF spring football articles below but I wanted to jot a few things down about our offense and you can find that below.  .

I wasn't able to attend last Saturday's scrimmage but I am going to try and attend the scrimmage this Saturday.  The one review that I heard is that our offense was actually able to move the ball for the first time in a few years.  Although we are going to be a little weaker than normal on defense this spring, I still believe that our offense is going to be a dynamic factor this fall. 

I know Bryan Stinespring is not a well liked guy in Blacksburg but his limitations as a coordinator have come due to a lack of talented personnel.  Last year, the Hokies had their type of quarterback, their type of running back, and a budding group of receivers for the first time since 2005.  Tech managed to take a huge step forward by finishing in the top 50 in total offense for the first time since 2005.

This season I would expect that ranking to increase, maybe not by much but enough to alleviate some of the pressure off Stiney's back.  This offense is probably the most complete package the Hokies have had since their National Title year in 1999.  The Hokies offensive line is back to its late 90's caliber and the Hokies return starters at every other position on the field.  They return their most electrifying player in Ryan Williams, they get a stronger and faster Darren Evans back from injury. 

Although you won't see it much this spring, the Hokies should have a very formidable and potent offense this fall. 

QB Preview: Here
RB Preview: Here
WR Preview: Here
OL Preview: TBA
TE Preview: TBA

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