Wednesday, April 28

Ranking The ACC: Football Edition

Over the next 11 weeks I'm going to be writing a series of article, detailing some of the major storylines for the other 11 teams in the ACC.  I'm going to reveal it by my projected rankings of how each team in the ACC will fare this year.  Starting with the last place team and working my way through the first.

Tomorrow my article on the 12th ranked UVA Cavaliers will debut on VTF (  Obviously, some are going to take a shot at me for making VT's main rival the last place team in the ACC but logically it fits.  UVA could have a good year this year but they have a talent deficiency and are honestly the 2nd least talented team in the conference behind Maryland. 

I'll provide a like to the article over here when it's posted but since you guys stay true to this blog, I thought I would give you guys my projected ACC rankings.

12. UVA
11. Maryland
10. Wake Forest
9. Duke
8. NC State
7. Clemson
6. UNC
5. Miami
4. Boston College
3. Florida State
2. Georgia Tech
1. Virginia Tech

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